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 I ran into Lola and Salvador at Harvard Gulch medical building this afternoon. (which reminded me to come home and bug Chad to email the pictures...bummer this is the only one that came out) It's hard to see but "Salvador is a freehand cut out applique and the fabrics are tropical/tiki themed.

Anyways, Sal was getting his 12 month check up and shots...and of course I was getting my foot re taped and examined....Ugh I'm over the dull pain and this Darco Armour boot is hot and itchy and so NOT-fashionable... Tomorrow I have to go buy this seal tight cast cover thingy so I can take a shower and not get the tape wrap all wet. I darn near burnt my foot to a crisp yesterday morning trying to dry my foot with the hair dryer, I'll have you know the manufacture lied about the "cool" setting feature! Hoo- ray stress fracture! Let's see how many times I can fight the frustrations of ramming my boot into things around the house, and driving, WOW that's a dangerous feat! Poor Arlin Jack is even getting beat up by the boot! He was running towards me today tripped and hit his jaw on my dumb boot and has a little scrape mark on his little chin. My heart sunk, poor guy was mad at my boot...."bad boot" his says with's o.k. I let him swat it.

At least I got my hair done today, It's dark, and I love it! Thanks Michelle!

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