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Processed letters.


Remember the start of this project? Letters to spell POLKADOT for the store front window...


Chad sprayed a layer of clear coating on them after I finished all the touch up painting...this will protect the letters from scratching and sun fading.


the drying station outside (Stella's old table)


today was all about getting down to business! Above I had to brainstorm ways to make each letter hang-able for customer to hang on her own. I bought some drapery (london shade) plastic rings to attach to the ribbon for nails to have some where to latch onto. So first I sewed the ribbon folded twice over for durability and to hide the ring.


Next step sewing by hand with embroidery thread the ring on both sides and the bottom leaving only the top to pull away just enough for a nail to catch.


a little bit of branding...www.babyluxdesign.com stamp... and I decided to paint the back of the letters just in case Diane decided to float the letters in the window front.


I had to get a little crafty when it came to attaching the ribbon to the back of the wood letters. I thought staple gunning it was too easy, and it was easy but a miserable failure, the ribbon just ripped right off the back by the weight of the letter, when you held it in the air. Back to the design board I went... I ended up adding packing tape to the end of the ribbon strand then used bias tape to add strength both behind the ribbon strand and in front then hammered in the tinniest brass nails you ever did see! (they were in the clock section at the craft store) I think I hammered a few of my fingers on this step, ouch... but it worked out well.


measure twice, cut once. I used a lot of fray check with this project to seal all the freshly cut ribbon ends!


it's all in the details...literally. The ribbon was a little limp in my opinion and if and when I do this project again I'll make sure to purchase a fabric/ribbon stiffener product. But I had my heart on getting these letters to Diane today (after all they were already a couple days behind due to my dumb foot) So again girl genius that I am thought I'd experiment with some cheap left over Halloween (aerosol) hairspray! It worked! I sprayed the ribbon then shaped it with my hands and stood over the oven vent fan to dry...I was slightly amused by this step...

Customizable letters retailing between $20 and $25 each depending on the size and detail you desire!


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