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Keepsake Cub...

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So on a whim I bought the latest issue of "Stitch" (this magazine will be on my subscription wish list, yes indeedy). Anyways, I saw this bear and mouse pattern in the magazine and I just HAD to make it for Captain Jack (well, and for me too!)

While browsing through bolts of hit me like a ton of bricks, what a perfect application to use some of my favorite baby clothes of Arlin's that I don't have the heart to let go of. It's true...I have boxes and boxes of his baby clothes that I refuse to get rid of!


Anyways... meet Captain Jack's new buddies!

Almost all the fabrics I used are cut from my favorite baby clothes of Arlin Jack's...


Mr. Mouse lives in Mr. Cub's tummy...a pocket from a pair of overall's Arlin wore when he was 9 months old. Here's a picture!


(this picture was taken June of 08' at the Denver People's Fair)


Mr. Mouse is made out the fleece lining from Arlin's first snow coat...( a gift from my aunt Patty)


And Mousey's ears and tail are from a button-up collared shirt (a gift from Bob & Jayne in California) I loved him this gave him a neck line when he barely had one at 9 months old...take a look...


(picture taken at Grandma & Grandpa Larsen's for Stella's 8th B-day...July 08')


Mr. Cub's nose is cut from a pair of Arlin's fleece sweat pants that I bought him the first week he was in Montessori school... for (Cub's ears I centered two Woody cars again from his overall's)


(Captain Jack's first day at  Bergamo Academy Feb 09')


I pieced a side pocket from a pair of Arlin's cargo pants to make a rear pocket on the the cub!


(the cargo pants...picture taken 3 days before the Captain's first birthday at the Denver Botanic Gardens)

Here is Arlin meeting his pals for the first time couple days ago before we left for school...


I think he digs em'!

Let me tell you, I had warm fuzzy feelings when I sewed this project...and I now have tears in my eyes while writing this blog...My little guy is not so little anymore! He's walking...(shoot he's running) and talking! Today he was chatting up a storm with me out in the yard, seems like his vocabulary is blossoming daily. I am so proud to be Arlin Jack's Mama!

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  • abby jane on

    how cool! what a creative mama! i know looking at those pictures of arlin, he’s not a baby! neither is palmer!

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