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Chad bought me a new car!


2009 Sahara Jeep Wrangler, it's 4x4 and came with both a hard top and a soft top.


the wind sheild folds down, jeeps are too cool. I was sold when they told me you could pull up the carpets and hose the interior down and just pull the plugs to drain! That and I'll take the top off over a sunroof any day.


Seats 5 people. And Arlin Jack's bike trailer can fit in with both Stella and Arlin in the car! Hoo ray!

It's pretty ridiculous, this car itch Chad gets. But hey, when I'm the recipient and getting this kind of an upgrade, I choose to follow along and reap the benefits with nothing  but a smile on my face. (what do you think Mom? I'm part of the Jeep crew now!) :) I cannot wait to take a road trip, Chad and I are talking about driving down to Santa Fe for a few days, and I think I'm coming to Arizona with the Captain to see Pamaw too.  Loving it, Arlin Jack points and says..."jeep,jeep!"

**foot update** more good news (keep it coming!) I went to the podiatrist today, finally they think we're making progress. I show great signs of improvement, both the swelling and my temperature has gone down. I've followed to a tee all the docs requests,I've been wearing my boot all day, keeping the tape procedure dry and tight, oh and taking calcium supplements to help the bone grow faster, looks like it's paying off. Monday they're taking another set of x-rays. I'm almost 30 days into recovery and if all goes well I should be able to re-enter my running training program in a couple of weeks! You all have NO idea how happy this makes me!!!!

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  • Pamaw on

    Love the Blue! We love our jeeps and hope you love yours for a long time.

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