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Me at the Farmers Market yesterday...


here is a snapshot Chad took (only half my loot I had there for sale) but these are some of the new onesie designs I made last week.


"Frenchie Girl" for sale here


"Frenchie Boy" for sale here. (this onesie SOLD at the Farmers Market.)


"Stella Speedster" for sale here. (this onsesie SOLD too.)


"Salvador Speedster" for sale here.


"Miss Raccoon" for sale here.

I'm forgetting a few products I'm sure. The farmers market was a great time, I remember just how much I miss working, although I'd hardly call sharing space with other artists selling my creations "working." But I suppose I miss the adult conversation and most of all being in a creative-selling environment. I sold a handful of product and took a custom order for a baby blanket and hand painted onesie which will be taken to Norway and given as a gift.  I was also able to hand out my business cards to several others for prospective custom orders. All and all it was a great day!

As you can see,  I'm having a blast with my new Janome machine, and my brain is overflowing with creative ideas...

 Chad and I have talked about my aspirations for BabyLux and I've decided I'm ready for us to grow. I'm networking with others in the creative community and I'm very excited to think about the possibilities I've stumbled upon...details to come- I don't want to jump the gun with sharing the leads until things are moving along. But lets just say BabyLux is going to branch out... & blossom!

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  • abby jane

    yey! i can’t wait until everything is settled with my business so i can a) have some money to invest in creative projects and b) have some time for it too. it’s crazy how fast everything is moving along, i hope my head doesn’t explode! you’re onesies are looking great!

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