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New duds!

Baby Lux Business cherry creek farmers market Custom Clothing onesies sewing


Margo Belle's booth at Cherry Creek Farmers Market this last Saturday.


Baby Lux onesies on display in the booth...all new designs in Amy Butler fabrics!


Baby Lux glass magnets were there for sale too.


the booth looked great, and we were steady busy the duration of the afternoon.


another "Frenchie" (he sold and is being shipped to Hawaii)


"Giraffe's Swim Too!" I laugh every time I look at this onesie design, it's just too cute.


"This Little Birdy" for such a sophisticated baby...


"Turtle Thyme" (sold)


"Fly Away" in orange polka-dots (sold to a grandma, who is anxiously awaiting her grandson's birthday this August, the onesie is a size 18 months, but she loved it so much she's going to hold on to it till he fits in it :) )


"Rock n' Roll" (sold and is being shipped to Hawaii for the twin brother of the "Frenchie")


"Frenchie III" yes, I can't make enough of them!


"Tea Party" reversible bib


Oh, I had so much fun working Saturday. People really loved the idea of baby onesies in the same fabrics as Margo Belle's handbags, skirts and aprons. I'd say it was a great success. And all my hard work last week to pull all these onesie designs together really paid off. I was paid back in full with many gracious compliments from shoppers.

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