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journal doodle...

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It's been a LONG time since I've posted or shared any journal pages....not that I haven't been journaling, but just forgot to post em'... so here's one.




listening to pandora a lot lately, while I'm sewing, sewing, sewing...what have I been up to lately....sewing. Can't!


Fabrics for the custom "colorado" themed blanket/onesie tomorrow, blanket is complete onesie; in the making. I love the colors in these fabrics!!!

Wish me luck...I'm out of the "boot" tomorrow hopefully after a scheduled 2 hour podiatrist appointment for orthotics fitting. I seriously cannot wait, I've daydreamed about driving over my smelly boot repeatedly in the parking lot until it's smashed into a thousand little pieces! Of course that's if all goes well at the appointment. Crossing all fingers and every toe that I can!

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