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lucky pup...

5280 Magazine french bulldog french bulldog in magazine frenchie Otis published in 5280 our french bulldog Personal Top of the Town


O.k. see the small picture of the French Bulldog pup on the right hand side of the mag?

Yeah...that's Otis! (our dog!)

But wait. Here is his real spread...


Yep, Reverend Otis Maxximus was featured in the latest issue, July 09' 5280 Magazine...


Top of the town 5280...Denver's premier magazine..."Service" page...that's right folks, Otis Maxximus is famous!

Big thanks to our friend and neighbor Kenn for thinking about Mr. Otis fulfilling this opportunity, we're all enjoying seeing our beloved pup's famous mutt shot on the magazine racks! We were actually at Costco this afternoon after the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market today (which was a great success for Baby Lux) and Arlin Jack recognized Otis' picture on the cover of the magazine.

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off for tonight...Big, Congratulations to our friend and 2foos client Sean Kenyon for his "Top Cocktail" honors!  Well done my friend and we hope it means more love for the Heart of Sin!...don't know what it's all about? Check it out!

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