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I'm Back!


The cast moldings of my the phone call Monday my orthotics were in! Hoo-raY!

It's been a long 6 weeks of no running and a lot of creating, which I can't complain about. I've really learned a lot about "me" through this dandy foot injury. Like how much I love being physically fit, and "need" to workout out in some way shape or form for not only my health but my sanity! and daily stress relief. On the contrary I've learned just how lucky I am to enjoy what I do. Creating art is a very rewarding for me. And that makes me feel lucky.

new balance-8592956_wDr. Griffin landed me in New Balance running shoes. I've run everyday this week. 3 miles a day and I'm feeling great. My foot has no pain, the only thing hurting is my ego...I'm feeling a little under the pace with speed and duration, but I'm hopeful I have enough time to catch back up in time for my race. Each day I've been able to shave off 10-20 seconds per mile, so I guess that's good.

***I have a big news flash to share with all of you!***


My husband, the guy that said he'd NEVER run with me....In fact I think his story went something like this;

"Babe, the only time I'm runnin' if it's from the cops! And you and I both know that ain't happening!"

Well, this last Sunday we were enjoying our new lounge chairs on the back patio and I was telling Chad that I was nervous to run the following morning, for fear my foot was going to hurt or that I'd lost my runners mojo (which I have not :)) And out of no where... he said "You know babe I've been thinking, I really need to get back in shape, like I was when we met, I'm going to start running with you....yah, I'll train for that marathon with you."

I almost folded myself in half in the lounge chair trying to jump up with glee. "Really Babe?!"..........oh, wow that makes me happy!

My husband is a champ in my book. I'm so proud of him! Yesterday he ran with me at the gym. 2.25 miles I think he managed...a little red faced and slightly wounded, but he did it!

I'm very excited to have Chad as a running partner and I can't wait for him to see that he can do it. I remember when I started my running training program, how defeated I felt and with pure will power and mindset, my body followed and the progress was remarkable and very, very rewarding...I can't wait for Chad to experience this and feel good again.

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