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Larsen Love...

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enjoying family time the past couple of days...


it's been really nice.


The Larsen's

grandma & grandpa...three Larsen brothers and the rest of us!


we all headed up to Snowmass (just outside of Aspen) to the Monastery for a little birthday celebration. Anna Maria (grandma) turned 60 and Stella Vita turned 9, this is Stella opening my presents, some custom duds...I had a lot of fun making her a few things for the summer.


Stella scored an acoustic guitar and some lessons with Dad, I think she's pretty excited about this.


I made this sun hat for Anna Maria, she's always wearing hats...


she loved it, and wore it well.


we drove through independence pass on the way out of Aspen. It was a great place to let the kids wiggle their limbs before more car time.


the views were stunning and I was intrigued to see snow a top the July! Colorado is still new to me at times.

I've had a full past couple weeks, with house guests and some travel...lots of work ahead but I'm looking forward to all of it, feeling  fresh after a couple days away.

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