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keepin' it real...

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Like...way real. This is a picture of executing a design idea on a an ancient house..."You just shouldn't do it."

I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't shed a tear or two over this madness I got myself into. Yesterday while Arlin was napping after school I was standing in my studio sketching some new applique designs and I know I really want my studio to be a bit darker....yeah I'm gonna paint it. And so I started taping the door jam on the back door and I missed lining it up perfectly and as I went to pull the blue painter tape off to realign it a huge chunk of paint came right along with it.

Like a kindergartner with paste all over my hands (yes, I used to put paste all over my hands, let it dry, and peel it off- cheap thrills, I guess or just being a five yr. old?) I pulled another chunk of paint and another and a 'nother... ten minutes, an hour later....and OH MY GOSH! What on earth have I done? I stood there in disbelief...Are you retarded? I thought to myself. "Oh geez." was all I could mutter.

Today I was so lucky to have to washed my hands in the bathroom before I picked up Arlin Jack from school- standing in front of the mirror I looked like Casper the ghost covered in white from sanding down the new texture on the drywall I had to mudd for three hours this morning! Yes, I now know exactly what I'll look like at 64 with all white hair! Argh*

In the middle of summer I wish I was a bear, that I could just go into hibernation somewhere...far away from this mess I've created. I pity people with insomnia, because I'm not one of them (knock on wood) and I stayed up so late last night trying to figure a plan to fix my studio/kitchen walls. I think I've got a handle on it as of tonight. Pictures of recovery following, stay tuned.

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