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making headway...

House Fix house fix magnetic Misc. Creations! painting


'nother girl genius idea of mine to disguise an ugly patched drywall job (one I didn't do :)) this black layer of primer paint is magnetic!


now a perfect home for my glass magnets! I don't have all my magnets up yet...still trying to wrap up other ends of this painting adventure.

Today Stella started summer camp, check out her custom beach towel I made her...


cute eh?

I feel like I'm about to fall over tired. The morning started early and was jump started by Chad mistaking Stella's camp sign-in time by and hour (argh) thanks Papa... off to the airport for a business trip he went while I managed to get 2 hungry kiddies fed, dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, lunch packed AND get them both to two different ends of Denver in 30 minutes! How I don't know, but I did.

I squeezed in a run today, my neighbor said it might actually help stir up some of the dust particles I've inhaled the last week while sanding the drywall- I know, I know...I'm retarded for not wearing a ventilator, you'd be like the nine-hundredth person to tell me that, I get it, trust me, after hacking up a lung the past two days, I get it. I'll NEVER do another project like this without wearing protective gear. HA! lord only knows being married to my husband we 'prolly have a Gucci protective mask! But anyways, my run... I was super nervous running would land me in trouble or another coughing fit so I took Chad's asthma pump. Other than sweating bucket loads and feeling like I was running a 200 plus temperature, I did great! I was seriously amazed at how much I sweated. I was almost embarrassed when I got off the treadmill, I know you go to the gym to sweat but my face was the color of a fresh Alaskan Lobster and literally my tee-shirt was stuck to me, and I only ran 3.5 miles...eek.

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  • abby jane on

    yey! love it super cute!

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