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Richard-Wright-300-dpiPostage has gone up yet again. Stamps are now .44 cents. Went up 2 cents in May I guess, where have I been? Makes me sad, well that and frustrated to know all the mail I just sent out the past couple of days is more than likely going to come right back  to me for more postage...I wish the U.S. Postal had a grace period where they let you slide-on the 2 penny increase.

But I did learn a little history at the post office this morning...

Richard Wright on the stamp above was put on my envelope to Arizona, I asked the postal clerk if he knew who he was...he didn't, but didn't mind sharing with me the write up on the back of the book of stamps. He was an African American author. Of famous publications such as; The Native, Black Boy and The Outsider. "He died in 1960...and they just approved the honor of a stamp collection? " I asked...

The friendly clerk shared with me a little bit of knowledge he did know too,

"Any famous person printed on a stamp must be deceased for a minimum of five years before any approval" His next remark was, "You better believe you'll see a Michael Jackson stamp in exactly 5 years!

We both chuckled.

(Mom- you'll get your envelope soon, but poor Grandpa's 'prolly gonna have to wait my mistake a few more days)

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  • Pamaw on

    How sad that so may forget the children Michael Jackson wronged.

  • abby jane on

    you can get forever stamps and they are good even after a change (kiko’s dad told me this and gave me a bunch of forever stamps). have to say mj was never charged with any crime and one of his alleged victims has since recanted his story.

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