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Monday, Monday...


My in-laws are down sizing their home and doing a little more than spring cleaning. I'm the lucky one. Meet the newest addition to my studio space. I've always wanted a sewing mannequin! She's over 35 years old and was given to my mother n' law as a gift from her mother n' law. I don't exactly get to keep it forever and ever- but I have no problem baby-sitting her till whenever!


she can expand to whatever dress size you fancy...and she's purple!


Oh, I can't wait to find the time to make something magical...I still owe Stella Vita a dress, that might be my first venture. The house was lonely and too quiet with her gone this morning. Arlin Jack is super bummed out, literally he's moping around. First thing he did this morning was run squealing into her room to jump on a pile of pillows she  had on the floor thinking she was sleeping in her bed, when he realized there was no Stella he pointed to the bed and said..."No!...No Sissy?" Ugh this is getting hard.


  • michelle allen

    this is super cool. you lucky girl!

    i’m so happy to hear you’re back to running again! you must be ecstatic. i can’t imagine not being able to run for 6 weeks. looking forward to following your training. it’s inspiring to hear about other people’s running.

  • abby jane

    that’s so funny, i have seriously been thinking about one! awesome.

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