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A must=organizing my creative abode. Ahh... I'm really starting to feel alive and very grounded in my little sun-lit studio space. The darker paint color I finally finished (well almost finished) has had a calming effect, exactly what I was hoping for. And while I'm sharing all this, I owe thanks to Michelle for inspiring me to get off my butt and do this...IMG_0440 It's so refreshing to not hunt all over for that something when you're trying to create. Especially when you're a night-owl designer like me! (cause Arlin Jack gets all of my daylight time) Above, a snapshot of my new applique "station", Oh and my new iron, rolls like butter and has an auto shut off feature so I won't get scolded anymore...:-) Baby onesie orders are processing through our web store at a steady enough pace that I'm wiser to make batches of applique designs instead of one at a time.


Over the last week I managed to crunch out 18 hand sewn onesies, a batch of glass magnets to re stock Polkadot...I can breathe again and look forward to meeting my hubby in Vegas for a little R&R, sun lounging and yeah...dancing!


planning on getting my little German scissors (handed down from my granny) sharpened when I get back next week...


I bought the next bigger spool rack... I'm addicted to buying thread, in fact, I'm becoming a total thread snob. (thanks Mom) Gutermann is where it's at.


drafting a new design...reminds me of my hometown and Del Mar where literally you could see hot air balloons for miles...


the beginning... I see lots of fun stitching and possibly some embroidery detailing for the basket/carriage ropes.

I ordered in chinese last night from my favorite place, my fortune cookie read...."When more become too much. It's the same as being not enough." So true.

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