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back from vegas...

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introducing Mr. & Mrs. Alex Stokeld!!!

picture taken outside the "Elvis" wedding chapel...this trip was a blast!


from friends to good food, laying out by the pool, gambling(& winning a little cash) to witnessing my first Elvis wedding in the same chapel Jon Bon Jovi was married!...


waiting for the limos to take all of us to the chapel.


outside the chapel, we had so much fun. The ceremony was brilliant and reminded us our three year wedding anniversary is inching up on us!


the hubby and me...our fist night out we all went to a bar called Minus 5 degrees at Mandalay Bay...everything inside was made out of ice....


I was cold before we even went inside the bar...(they keep the casino's so cold!) I'm waiting for my winter parka and snow boots  that they give you before you enter the bar. It was an experience...There were ice sculptures everywhere (even Elvis which we all got a kick out of considering we were about to have an Elvis wedding the next day) Literally everything you saw was made out of ice; the chandeliers, walls, art work, bar tables, even the glasses were made out of ice! The bartender gives you gloves at the bar so you can hold your drink!


Although the ice bar was cool and all...poolside was more my cup of tea, or should I say my "pina colada!"


Lola (the bride) and me...Ah, I could have stayed another week, just to sun lounge!

I'm sad to no longer be sitting poolside in Vegas...but Chad and I couldn't have been happier to see the look on Arlin Jack's face when we got home! We were definitely missed.

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  • abby jane on

    i love lola’s dress! glad you were lucky, vegas isn’t very much fun when you’re a loser!

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