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playing hooky from my morning gym trip I'm enjoying a cup of hot coffee and pondering some design ideas for all these itty bitty scrap pieces.


I've been taking the unusable size scrap pieces from various onesie designs and bit by bit I've patch worked them together.


no scrap piece is too small; that's my theory.


however this patch work stuff calls for a LOT of seam pressing...But look-ey here;

MCI-900-med mini iron

yep. it's a mini iron...and although my new Shark iron works fantastically for appliquéing, I'm over burning my fingers on these 1/4" seam presses. Sadly I'm beginning to understand Chad's Home Depot manta; "There's a perfect tool for every job, babe."


Speaking of the hubby... I bargained sweet potato fries (these are fantastically awesome btw...recipe below) to get him to apply some window tint on my studio sun boxes, although I love the natural light spilling in all day, I'm fearful of my shoulders and face looking like I'm 80 yrs. old by the time I'm thirty-five!

Sweet Potato Fries...

Preheat oven 400-425 degrees. Take 1 or 2 Organic Sweet Potato/s- wash em', peel em' and cut em' into sticks (I like them sliced on the thinner side, so they get crunchy.) or steak fries size, what ever you prefer. Lightly toss your sweet potato cuts in a couple dashes of olive oil...(be careful not to use too much or they get too soft) In a cake pan tin mix some bread crumbs with salt and pepper. Toss olive oil coated sweet potatoes in this mixture and spread them out on a foil lined cookie sheet. I added some sliced white onions in this mix last was awesome. Bake 25-30 minutes or until crispy....I love them kinda burnt myself. Oh, and flip them half way thru baking so they cook evenly.

For dipping sauce...I mix one part Beaver Creamy Horseradish with three part Worsetchire sauce....its spicy hot, burn your nose out...but mmm, so good with these taters!


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