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monkey love...


My first sock monkey!

I found out about an organization called Craft Hope, through reading one of  Michelle's blogs. I clicked on a link she had posted and I welled up with tears reading through the past projects. The pictures gave me the goose bumps.  And when I read Craft Hopes motto;"Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time."  I thought, I have to be a part of this.

If you haven't heard of it....I encourage you to read all about it here. And if you can sew at all.........


spread the word...

make a difference.

This sock monkey above was just for practice, after all, these used to be my derby socks-and then Stella's halloween costume socks last year-ha! But now that I feel a bit more confident, I will definitely be straying from the first tutorial I found here. Although, I pretty much was having fun modifying my monkey as I went. I made her arms and tail shorter than the pattern recommended, and I like the ears more rounded than square.


I snazzed her up a bit with a sock bow (a left over piece from the unused toe part of the sock) I could of gone on and on...with a polka-dot dress, maybe some ballet slips...hmmm, oh and some embroidery detailing....well you'll see my next ones.


All the sock monkeys collected will go the "Little Heroes Pre-School Burn Camp" in Sacramento California. I'm beginning to rethink my next couple sock monkey creations...I think I'll embroider the eyes for safety reasons...'cause I know my little guy would just eat these buttons right off.

I hope you are inspired by Craft Hope.


  • michelle allen

    okay! so so cute!!!!
    you are awesome. totally took the ball and ran with it.
    i love the sock you used.

  • loviesformybabies

    so cute! and awesome for a first. yes mine was a first too! I’ll be looking for cute socks now for another one. that argyle is adorable! so glad to meet your blog!

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