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Sock Monkey!

Craft Hope donation hand sewn handmade Misc. Creations! sewing sock monkey

Drum roll please...introducing;  Shipmate Brock Lee

get it?



One sock monkey ready for some serious lovin'...


Brock Lee had various wardrobe possibilities before this debut, but this one just stuck...he's all ready for his trip to California.


I think I'm gonna miss him hanging around in my studio. I ended up using different size pieces of wool/felt embroidering his eyes, then I hand stitched them on...thought this was the safest route considering his new owner might be pretty young.

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I'm am grateful I can be a part of this project and contribute a little bit of my creativity (which I enjoy so much) to make someone else smile.

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  • abby jane on

    pretty cool!

    we gotta get together soon, palmer keeps sayin’ arli, arli. i ran to spinelli’s today and he thought we were at your house and he cried because i wouldn’t let him go towards the house he though was yours!

  • jade on

    LOVE the name of your sock monkey! Thanks so much for joining Craft Hope and helping to spread the love.

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