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practice makes perfect...

Or so they say...



This was a practice run with some fun corduroy cottons. I couldn't find a pattern for this little girl skirt, so I measured a few of Stella's skirts in the closet and went for it. It's an elastic waste, it's easy to fit, adjust and sew the opening closed. I'm prepping for the Forever Darling fashion show coming up on the 10th. I figure it wouldn't hurt to start now with all that's on my plate.

Also booking travel for the end of the month...woo hoo, Arlin Jack and I are going to go stay with Pamaw (Grandma) we're long overdue for a visit.


  • Pamaw

    How cute! What awesome progress you have made in such a short time. You make me proud.

  • abby jane

    it’s really good tyler! you’re a rock star. . . wanna hang tomorrow or friday after nap?

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