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Big thanks to Jillian Lauren aka Jillian Shriner the beautiful wife of bass guitarist Scott Shriner of Weezer. Why you ask? Click here.

I'd say chatting with Jillian and one handsome the name of Tariku  (whom I can't wait to make a custom tee for) made an average day at the Market not so average. I was blabbing away sharing all my inner craftiness with Jillian while she shopped and snapped a few pictures....I was curious of her photographing...then a little floored to find out just why she was in Denver...she was so humble, it literally took me asking three times, then Scott walked into the booth and it was one of those feelings, like-"Do I know you?" then that embarrassed...Oh, yah you're famous and I don't "know" you kinda thing...ya, a little weird. But cool none a' the less.

I'm glad I could share the word of Craft Hope with Jillian, someone that has a much larger wing span to broadcast such an awesome cause to the rest of the world.

Here's some pictures I snapped of the booth after I was finished setting up in the early AM...


First day I used my free clothing rack I scored couple days ago...and I already managed to break it, nothing a little borrowed duck-tape didn't fix.


Utilized the top of the clothing rack...


view of the onesies on hand. I have new colors! Chocolate brown and black are here!


after a long day at the market...I enjoyed time with my boys...Arlin Jack and Papa for a walk in the neighborhood.

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  • abby jane on

    awesome brush with fame girl! let me know what’s up with thursday.

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