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Forever Darlings....

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Ahh...I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. The event, Forever Darling Three, a fashion show benefiting Autism Speaks was a success last night. Although tired I feel blessed to have been a part of something so amazing. The designers showcased in this event were more than inspiring to me, making me excited to return to my sewing machine.


a top view of our space at the event.

Finally...I can post pictures! I've been saving these snaps till after the fashion show was's what I've been working on the past week.


a skirt in Amy Butler prints, I sewed for Ruby to model in the fashion show...


Ruby her custom Owl applique tee and skirt...doesn't get much cuter!


Guitar...applique design (this was crazy detailed with guitar strings and all) for model Liam to rock in the fashion show...


they did such an awesome job...they were the first on the runway.

And baby Linus to wearing his Rock n' Roll! Onesie in the fashion show...

Linus was for sure a big hit with the audience....this little guy is ADORABLE!!!


 an artist, and the creator of "MUK" was there. This is a picture of him painting one for Arlin Jack.


I love it!


Sugar Bake Shop was there...with the yummiest cupcakes ever!


avant garde showcase garments....gorgeous.


Margo Belle skirts, handbags and headbands on the runway....

And a few more pics...


tyler larsen


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  • marco on

    What a coup! Everyone looks fabulous – not to mention the exquisite tailoring.


  • abby jane on

    way to go lady, i’m so sorry i had to work! your work looks so amazing!
    p.s. in case you didn’t get my text we’re going out tomorrow night so if you have time to meet up and let me buy you a belated birthday drink i would love love love to see you! if not next week?!

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