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quilt puzzling...

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Concert tee-shirt keepsake (baby) quilt... in the design process.


Started laying out my "concert tee-shirt" quilt project on the floor last night...then my genius Mom came up with the idea of a making a "make-shift" design board, not quite as fancy, or nearly as cool as her neighbor Jane's, my Mom's good pal and quilting mentor who has a custom built design board in her studio (hoping to get some pictures of Jane's studio space, while I'm here....Aw...inspiring let me tell you!)

Our make shift board worked wonderfully till I put up the last concert tee cut out...

and the whole thing dropped off the wall!

Not a good time for my honey of a husband to call me. "Uh, gotta go"

After doubling the painters tape load, securing our flannel backed table cloth, we were safe, I re-measured the center and went at the puzzle piecing again.


Some of the concert tees were worn down pretty thin, some had even some small holes. I got creative with this one and cut out the image after  ironing on a stabilizer inter fuse material and then band name (a favorite band of mine :)) and appliqued them both onto a small black and white houndstooth print. I LOVE the way this turned out. Gives some movement for the eye.


Late last night, anxious for this part, I began cutting some strips of  fabric I bought yesterday at a local quilt shop here in Arizona trying to create a log cabin affect border connecting all the tees. Over eager beaver...I was smart to stop when I could no longer read my two inch marker for cutting strips. It's been a challenge to keep Arlin Jack entertained and out of trouble in a "not" so child proof house.

But were enjoying time with grandma (Mimi)....and there is a plethora of sewing knowledge to tap into round here!

This project is awesome. I making this for Arlin's Montessori teacher, Mrs. Lindsay, as a baby (keepsake) blanket for her little guy Syd. These tee-shirts are a combination of both Lindsay and Jordan (Syd's Papa) from years of concert going. If I got this from my parents.... I would think my parents ROCKED, in more ways than one.

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  • michelle allen on

    my you have been busy! love the rock shirt quilt and your fabric flowers on another post. darling!

    i didn’t see anywhere where you talked about running. are you still doing a marathon?

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