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Inspiring space...

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I promised some pictures...of the awe inspiring studio workspace of Ms. Jane, a dear friend of my Mom's.


mounted along one wall, just a few ;) quilt tops in the making...


a top the beautiful quilt display are a handful from Jane's vintage sewing machine collection; Singer featherweight sewing machines, and other junior machines from around the world...the red one on the right, a "Rap & Co.", is a German machine.


I was totally intrigued by this piece...had to ask what it was all about. Jane explained it to be a "third arm", a necessity to the daily quilter or seamstress. Most are antiques, however, you can find a few replicas here and there. I since have done a little google researching here's what I drummed up...

Antique sewing birds / sewing clamps have a special appeal and make for a great collectible.  There is no definitive record of when the first examples were produced but the idea of needing a "third hand" is as old as hand sewing and mending itself.  The first sewing clamps were created to fill a utilitarian need to make the seamstress' task a bit easier.  Later the idea and designs of the clamps evolved beyond the purely utilitarian and sewing clamps were given as gifts and designed to be decorative pieces of art as well as fill a need.
Many highly ornate and highly decorated examples were given as tokens of love and admiration to the object of affection.  I have read that the advent of and introduction of the sewing machine was the end of these, but that is not quite true.  There was still a need, and a desire, and many fine examples were produced in the Victorian era and later.


I think I need one...


This is a "real design board". Jane's lovely husband, Bill, built this for Jane to create till her hearts content...a cork board like material covered in off-white flannel fabric framed in Alder wood matching their home's baseboard and window frames, very clever I thought. Currently on the board a quilt top design Jane made on her last quilter's retreat.


Jane also collects Longarberger Baskets these are literally just a few of them. And can I just tell you the magic that's behind these Alder doors!!! Enough fabric to open a quilt store,enough handmade quilts to warm a small army and one very intimidating (to me, anyways) long-arm quilting machine!


I was even lucky enough to get this embroidery pattern. I might put my own twist on it, maybe a little day of the dead style art...

The inspiration of Jane sharing her studio space along with a handful of great sewing tips I'll be sure to remember made my trip to Arizona to visit my Mom that much more special...

Thank you Jane!

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