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Concert Tee-shirt Quilt....

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It's been finished for a couple of weeks now, and I've been waiting anxiously to share it with Lindsay and well with all of you.

This was a booger of a project and I'm not exactly sure I'll be signing up to do another one. It was way more time intensive than I ever expected. But nonetheless a perfect project for me to be able to take to Arizona and have the help of my Mom and all her space in her house to lay it out and design and re-design till I was content with my own pattern.


I used a mix of mini-print fabrics to create a sashing effect in between the concert tees. I kept a retro flare, picking some vintage prints like a black and white miniature houndstooth print and an almost cowboy western star looking pattern (it reminded me of the old strip in Las Vegas)...reds, black, blue, and cream were the primary colors used to tie all the shirts together.


not quite a log cabin pattern (that would have been too easy) there were more "y seams" than I'd like to tell you about, although they look cool and custom, they're not easy peasy. This is a one of kind blanket.

Mapping out quilt lines

Here I'm laying down a 1/4" quilters tape on the front of the quilt top after it's been "sandwiched"...meaning all layers are in order; the fabric backing, the center layer (an all natural cotton quilters batting) and the  designed quilt top. Per my Mom's experience with her large quilt projects, I used the tile grout lines to act as a large grid, with a little knee scooting across the top to align the quilters tape it was almost ready to pin-up. It took over a hundred something pins to hold all layers together and keep it even in all areas. Let's together say "ouchy" for the fingers...even with the handy quilters pinning tool, your fingers still hurt through this process.

quilting tee shirt quilt

and here is where my Mom's new sewing table really came in handy! the whole front of the table behind the sewing machine feed folds up giving you more space to work on. And lucky for me my Mom and I sew on the same sewing machine, Janome 6600P , the Memory Craft Professional...So it was familiar, a total necessity when tackling a blanket this size....I had it rolled on both sides and found it easier to stand and feed the machine working the speed with my right foot.


Just a few details I'm proud of on this project...

First time; I've done this tee-shirt quilt idea, I've mitered corners (thank you Mom), learned how to make a 1/8" border piece in a three panel fabric frame (thank you Jane), finished a quilt of this size (a twin)...and most of all that it looks (to me) better than any google search you do on "memory quilts"....o.k. I'm finished toot-ing my own horn. It was A-LOT of work....and all well worth it.

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  • Quilts on

    Thank you for your help!

  • Mary Sanders on

    Cool, Howdy,I’m a long-time reader and also was too shy to create a comment. ;-)

  • Latia on

    I think I’ll be returning to your website more often ;)

  • Team Roster on

    You you could edit the page title Concert Tee-shirt Quilt…. | Baby Lux Blog to more specific for your webpage you make. I loved the blog post all the same.

  • jane on

    you did a great job!!!!!!!! i know you can do anything you want!!!!!! YOU GOT TALENT!!!!!! Great English for an old English teacher!!!!

    We are in the Keys going scuba diving today and tomorrow!!!! Jane

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