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It deserves a blog posting...


this is my husband, and yes, he is in the kitchen, Cooking!


we're having a dinner party tomorrow night to host the owners of the Pentesillea II (the most gracious host themselves) Travis and Rose.


Lots of fresh goodies to prep tonight...


Chef's special Lasgna in the's really to die for, ask anyone that comes to our house for Christmas!


yes, he's striking a pose for proud of really is only once in a blue moon you can get this picture.

On the menu;

Appetizer- Salmon parmesan pate' on cracked pepper crispbread (Me)

Dinner- artichoke caesar salad (Me)

traditional Sicilian pork shoulder lasagna (Chad)

Dessert- originally going to do my pumpkin cheesecake nutty bars thinking of Fall and all, but we opted to give Travis & Rose a little bit of B.V.I special I'm making a spiced Rum Cake glaze is still being pondered on...last year around Christmas I made an eggnog glaze that was super delicious...hmmm, what will it be?

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  • abby jane on

    yummy yummy! hope it was as grand as it sounds! we gotta go pumpkin patch it soon!

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