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Ugly doll...part I

halloween icebat costume Misc. Creations! Personal sewing ugly doll


finally working on Arlin Jack's Halloween costume,

IceBat Ugly Doll"Secret Mission" ICEBAT!!!


Originally thinking I was going to use part of his last years dinosaur costume for a pattern reference, I decided to make my own (shocking I know, but hey I don't follow directions well either) instead I ended up butchering it  to pieces and re-used the stuffing to make the head of his new costume...


dressing fitting numero uno...does it get any cuter than this? (geez I love those cheeks!)


side profile...ha. looks like Otis is wearing it too!


onto the face detail...I used a cream colored felt for the eyes and fangs and a charcoal grey color for the mouth line. Used a little fabric glue to position then hand sewed them on.


the motion. Christmas wrapping paper comes in handy for drawing your own patterns!

Part II tomorrow, after another dress fitting!

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  • playmobil zoo on

    Every mom really gives their 100% in everything they do. Great job!

  • Jillian Lauren on

    Tariku LOVES that Icebat! Too cute. I am going to crafty- Mommy hell for dressing T as a store bought lion this year. Next year, just wait…

  • Marlana on

    Good job!

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