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recycling fun...

hand painted Misc. Creations! sewing wood frame


I've been mailing out lots of online orders. Today while standing in line at the post office I remembered reading about this idea, just wish I remember who to give credit to for the brilliant idea. I also remembered I had a perfect book at home waiting to be recycled into packages, while reading to Arlin last night we together learned half the book pages were missing?! Didn't make for such a good story.


but take some recycled bubble wrap, 2 pages from the book (The Little Engine That Could in this case) and top stitch three sides, leaving an opening for your goodies to fit inside! The possibilities are endless...take a trip to a local thrift store and pick up some old books and you could make any theme mailer you want!

Speaking of thrift stores...


picked up this old wood frame...


now a home for this silver jeweled cross that was hand made for Stella Vita by her godfather, Dan Coppersmith.


the end vision is a slubby light natural colored lined taught behind the cross...but until I go fabric shopping again...I painted, shhh! a piece of cardboard first with a cream color then streaked it with a wire and some metallic paints.

it's fun to recycle...just let your imagination and a few bucks lead the way!

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  • abby jane on

    upcyling. . . cool stuff!

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