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custom apron Misc. Creations! patchwork sewing sewing thimbleberry fabric


I started this project while I was in Arizona, late September...hey sometimes crafty things just take time.

I used Thimbleberry quilting fabrics for the majority of the design and I pilfered through my Mom's stash :) My direction for this order was to "think old fashion"... she likes foral prints, bird prints and muted colors.

In my head I wanted it to look boutique-ish (that should be a word!) to me the front bird print mosaic pockets were postcards. I added a lot of zig zag stitching throughout the apron- not only for necessary reinforcement on straps and pockets- but to add playful details too. This apron has a six usable pockets, it's fully lined and machine washable!

And I'm glad it finished!

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  • Pamaw on

    Very, very nice.

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