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away we go...


I loved this movie.

Thought it celebrated love, individuality and blindly believing. I also thought it was kind of ironic I rented this weeks ago and we finally just watched it Sunday. And well, Chad and I both got a chuckle out of the coincidences in the movie and the parallels to what we've got going on...which I can't say much more on that.

edgewater we come!

We're taking a break from our crazy world to reconnect and check out the Pacific North West, a place... I've always wanted to go. The ask? He is staying home in cozy Colorado with guest star babysitter also known as our favorite Pamaw!!! (my Mom)

Above is the Edgewater Hotel Chad's pick for our stay. I was doing some research on the area and hotel and look what I found...


An article published in 1964, the Beattle's stayed at the Edgewater Hotel during their first tour in America. Cool eh?


The Edgewater is the only hotel completely surrounded by water in Seattle. Funny, in further reading it shares that in the late 60's you could fish from your hotel window, however they no longer allow this fun. boo hoo. The Edgewater is walking distance to the Pikes Place Market, a place on my must see list. Oh, and of course we have to stop by the first ever Starbucks coffee shop it's supposedly the only storefront with the original logo sign up.


and dining...I'm eating fish at every least I'm gonna dream about it that way... Fresh, fresh fishies...yum!

Counting down the days.

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  • abby jane

    only eat sustainable fish. . . i just heard an article on NPR and it’s so depressing, or just don’t think about that and eat what ever :)

    I’m so jealous! Have fun and I know you’ll love it, then we can all move to the NW!

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