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the right angles...

While doing house fixes- fixes we should have done a long-looong time ago! to prep our house for a viewing this morning (Yes, our house is for sale...well it was for minute) I fell in love with the angles...the architecture of our home, all the angles that "wooo'ed" me. The details that sold Chad and I, when we were the ones walking through the home for a viewing.

....I suppose this is a natural process? If you can't tell Chad and I are completely having second thoughts about moving. The grass is always greener on the other side right?




Kind of finding it ironic I'm experiencing all these feelings in the midst of the Thanksgiving holiday. Scrapping like fools to get the house picked up and ready to put on the market this Monday we barely had a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sad I didn't cook the full spread of turkey day fixins this year, but my awesome and ever so helpful husband made a last minute run to the store and was able to cook us a nice dinner. We all sat together at the kitchen island and talked about our house and all the important happenings over the last (almost) three years living here...The truth is, I could live anywhere as long as I'm with the people I love the most-my family! I'm grateful for the abundance of good in my life and the ability to follow my heart.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you took time to think about what you're thankful for no matter what it may be!


  • michelle allen

    awwww, your house is beautiful. i’m sure it is a bit hard to imagine leaving it. but, you’re right, it’s all about the family and those you love and love you.

  • Tu Lupardus

    We have just started our new website, and absolutely think your site would be a GREAT addition!

  • Pamaw

    You take awesome photos! The house looks breath taking.

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