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Finally I'm blogging. Been in a funk, don't exactly know what my deal is... I woke up yesterday morning and over a cup of coffee and bagel with my favorite partner in crime, Mr. Arlin Jack, I stumbled on a picture of holiday candy sushi while surfing Asian appetizer an instant I knew I HAD to try and make em'.


the beginning of the madness...and my stomach ache, note to self: don't taste test as you go on this project. I have to say the grocery clerk gave me a funny smurk as I stacked pound cake, mini powdered donuts, twinkies, marshmellows, a tub of cool whip and a biz-zillion boxes of mystery fruit chew thingys to be wrang up...

I'd really like to meet the parents that buy their kids these "Mystery" boxes of fruity chews. Is the mystery that you don't know just how much sugar your feeding your kids in each snack pack? Or maybe how much trouble they're gonna get in school cause they're all ramped up on a sugar high after lunch break? Seriously, this stuff is bad news for kiddies.


it was loads of fun making these...but they are definitely a novelty dessert...nothing to brag about how delicious they are.



What you need to make holiday candy sushi, or least what I used to make these....

  • powdered mini donuts, bakery pound cake, and or some twinkies
  • marshmellows (standard size)
  • fruit roll ups/fruit gushers and anything of the likes
  • sour apple punch strings
  • cool whip
  • swedish fish candies

As for how to put them together, there's really no rhyme or reason- use your imagination! I started by cutting the mini donuts in half and cutting both the twinkies and pound cake into sushi size pieces. Then I cut thin slices of the fruit roll up to make strips to attach the swedish fish atop the mini donuts (adding a little dab of cool whip helps stabilize the swedish fish) And wider strips to wrap around the pound cake, twinkie and marshmellow pieces. I cut out little squares and dabbed cool whip into the pound cake pieces to add the candy to the insides. Cooking scissors came in handy with cutting the assorted fruit chewy things to make cucumber and carrot looking garnishes.

Next time around I'd like to figure out what you could use to imitate fish eggs....

any suggestions?


  • Santai

    Wonderfull sushi

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    Which wordpress template are you using?

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  • Tyson F. Gautreaux

    this is my poor sushi

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    this is my poor sushi

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