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snowflakes and bean bags...



Chad had a Christmas get together for his work last night, so I indulged in some cuttin',craftin' and sewing. The bean bags are for Arlin Jack's Montessori classroom. The snowflakes are for the Christmas tree skirt I'm making/made/and now despise.

Why are Christmas tree skirts so expensive?!

I'll tell ya' why, because they take so much more darn fabric than you can imagine! I had a vision in my head and in my opinion...the outcome although it looks alright and might fancy someone else's taste it's totally not what I wanted or envisioned in my head, but because I surrendered to my lack of patience, lack of fabric yardage...I ended up scratching my vision completely and followed (but of course a modified) version of this pattern.


it's too patchwork-y for me. I wanted it to be simple with the fabrics banded horizontally, the red fabric as the majority of the skirt then trimmed with the red and white hounds tooth print...When I calculated and realized I didn't have near enough yardage I changed directions, when it was just the triangle sections of red and hounds tooth I swear I was on the ground in tears laughing... it looked like something you'd see while dining in Guido's cheesy Italian restaurant...the snowflakes and log cabin squares were to remedy the painful pimento wheel...epic fail.


I already have another design mapped out for a different tree skirt and the fabric for it but unfortunately it's probably gonna have to wait til next year, with house guests coming and other sewing projects on my plate!

IMG_4860how cute is he? I got him yesterday because he reminds me of this one...guess I'll have to bend Michelle's ear on our way to Artfest this year to let me in on one of her nifty ornament exchanges! ;)

some of my other favorite ornaments:


this one's ancient, (prolly as old as me) it's always been my favorite.


I have four of these little gals and they all have different facial expressions.


little porcelain ornament from my mum.


gotta love the classic vintage felt ones too!

I was reminiscing yesterday on the phone with my Mom...every year I get out the Christmas holiday decorations I take a trip down memory lane...I don't know how anybody has a matching color/themed tree...Don't get me wrong I think they're gorgeous- and I often daydream what mine would look like if I were to create a tree and all of it's ornaments from scratch...

But I love the mix match. The old and new, all their colors and the memories they all create in their own special way.

I'm a sucker for Christmas, can you tell?


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