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visit from pops...

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my Pops. shooting some shots for me of the old clock on Broadway. I forgot how cool he is (he listens to the same music I do!) spending time with my Dad for a few days in my world here in Denver meant a lot to me...


We all went to the Denver Aquarium, Arlin thought the fishies were cool, but the sharks and their "sharrr-p teeth" were definitely the winner in his book.


I had Dad painting a Munny for Arlin in my studio...he's still prolly my number one inspiration when it comes to art. He's a master in all sorts of artistic medias. Today he works as the Art Director for Vertis Inc.


Joel and Kirk even dropped by to meet my Dad and give us gifts for Christmas (they bought Chad and I a D.J. Hero...score!) before they left for Texas...(thank you guys!)

I was sad to drop my Dad off to the airport, I'm never good at saying goodbye. There were tears from both of us.

P.S. I'm ran today and yesterday, yes, it's been awhile, and I'm super, super sore, but I'm focused to make a come back.

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  • abby jane on

    way to go on the running, i gotta get my butt in gear after this trip to the NW too. . . ugh! i’ve been seriously slacking.

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