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cookin' up some crafts...

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The past couple of days have been strictly crafting, cooking....and eating, yes...lots of eating.

a little holiday bunting I made the neighbors along with cookies- which I darn near ate all of em' before I could get them boxed up- tis the season to be jolly.. Oh, I'm not complaining one bit. Before I delivered my treats- Amy left us a heaping plate of baked goodies on our doorstep we pretty much devoured them the first night!

Yum, bring on the sweets... tis' the season- & having a reason- for over indulging!...fah..lah...lah,la,la,la,la,lah,lah!!!

another attempt at making Chicken Tiki Masala (after my last round was thrown into the garbage disposal)- there is NO rectifying too much Cayene Pepper...period.

Chicken Tiki Masala is my ALL time favorite British/Indian (it's debatable where this dish was originated) dish. And I've become determined to master it. I prepped the chicken breasts different this time, typically I cook em' in a large skillet with oil and garlic this time around I started by lathering them in plain yogurt and some spices then broiled them till fully cooked before cubing and simmering in the sauce. You should check out this blog where I got the recipe, I drooled just thumbing through the pictures.

After being inspired by Michelle Allen's snowman ornament I took a stab at making Arlin an ornament, I didn't invest the time to find DAS or a fancy sculpting clay, instead I used some of Stella's Crayola Model Magic left over from her Easter basket. I made mr. penguin's bubbly body first in foil then used a big sharpie marker like a dough roller to thin out pieces of model magic to cover over and mold the details like his arms and beak...

I let him dry over night, then I took a little piece of fine sand paper and tried smoothing some rough patches on his belly. It sorta worked, I covered the rippled  parts with extra paint and some martha stewart glitter flecks (looks like coconut flakes)

A tinsel pipe cleaner for his scarf.

a little love signature...for my rugger.

Speaking my little rug rat. He got some cool new caps in the mail today from Grandpa Tom, he hasn't taken this one off all day. (& yes, those are my new goggles-cool-eh?)
Rawr! This guy is ready for Christmas! I've been wrapping and stashing everyones gifts in the guest bedroom closet cause I'm afraid monster man here will take liberty and tear into my precious packages!

Hope everyones enjoying the holidays...I'm off to find me some chocolate.

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