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Because when you live in a house over a hundred and fifteen years old you need things like draft busters on your side. While Arlin napped today I put some scrap fabrics to use. It's crazy how well it actually works. Our front mud room/foyer whatever you call it used to be like a meat locker to walk through to get to our upstairs loft...not anymore.

It's really easy. Find some scrap pieces of fabric and sew them together, I used 10 1/2" strips with 1/4" seam allowance, until I got to about 36 inches, cause that's the width of a standard door frame, and really you don't have to use fancy $70 a yard suede, it goes on the floor and we all know how clean the mud room floor is.

For the inside I found a decent size fabric remnant, folded it in half and sewed along one end and all the way up the side, leaving one end open for stuffing. For the filler, I experimented...it would take a lot of beans to fill the entire draft stopper and I can only imagine how heavy it'd be if you did. So...I just mixed, some polyfill stuffing with, rice, pink beans and lentils-basically whatever was half empty in my pantry.

And wha-la!

Looks like I'll be making a few more of these...


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