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almost 2010...

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Looking's time for change.  And it's a big change. We're moving. It's official. Chad got confirmation today from his company and the stars are aligned. If you're reading this and I haven't told you in person yet or sent you a heart wrenching email/phone call- it's because my head is spinning (or you're not my parents *wink*). It's all good and I'm excited, nervous, but excited. I will miss my friends in Denver very much. But I know all of you can picture me living well in Seattle ;) And some of you will follow me there in due time (Abby Jane!)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, I know I did, and although I was super sad to say goodbye to family, I know I'll see them again soon!

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  • abby jane on

    thanks so much for the lovely embroidery book, i love it! it’s got some super cool stuff in it one of which is crazy quilts, which i’ve loved for a long time. maybe i will take your fabric swatches and make myself a crazy quilt!

  • Jillian Lauren on

    Hooray! Now we have friends in Seattle. I’ll be counting on you to bring a crowd to my book signing in May.

  • abby jane on

    boo and yey. . . so sad and happy for ya’ll all in the same breath.

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