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of boxes!!!

They are everywhere! One of the moving Pods we ordered arrives tomorrow, whew...cause there's about to be no living space left in the house if we keep stacking packed boxes. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or least that's what I'm telling myself. We're (uh,eh, cough,giggle...I'M) making some serious progress, working over 8 hours a-day checking off the massive "to-do" list. Although I'm sure there are tons of things I'm forgetting, like getting Otis to the vet for a check up and maybe some travel meds for him, getting all of our donation items to the right parties, oh, and gotta get my hair done! can't forget that.

I don't promote products all that often, but these space bags below my friends, are a life saver, and totally fun to see just how big of a comforter or how many toss pillows you can shrinky-dink in each one. If you have a move on the horizon they are a must. I bought mine at Costco, but after researching- amazon is a third of the price, if you plan ahead and have time to order online.

Oh, and one more moving tip- pony up and buy symmetrically matching size boxes, it makes life a whole lot easier when stacking and maximizing storage space. I also learned that although Walmart's slogan is... "always low price savings" yeah, not so much. A medium size box at Walmart is $4.44 same size box at Home Depot $0.97!!! Still haven't figured out where to get the most cost effective packing paper- it's SO expensive! Any one know? Please help me out if you do!


  • abby jane

    so you should give me an update here lady! your a machine. . . you can do anything you’re super woman. please let me know if you need help. i hope we get to hang at least once more before you leave.

  • Laurie Lamoureux

    Hi Tyler,

    Most folks don’t know you can actually buy packing paper and boxes directly from moving companies, even if you aren’t using them for your move. I’ve found that to be the best price for packing paper, but you already found the best box prices—Home D!

    Tip: Be sure to pack a box with your most important, to-be-unpacked-first items (coffee maker? doggie dishes? chocolate chips ;)? ) and label it in big letters!

    Best of luck with your move and let us know if you need help with the UNpacking when you get here—Welcome to Seattle!

  • Pamaw

    All you ever wanted to know about packing paper Have fun turning your pillows into pillow raisins!!

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