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made it...

I took lots of pictures of our road trip. Took us three days...We left Colorado, to Wyoming, through Utah, then Idaho into Oregon and finally into Washington! Here are a few snaps along the way.

bye bye Colorado...

washed out of Denver with a few tears, sad to leave some good people behind- but we're hoping they'll all visit soon, and of course we'll be back as much as possible.

unfortunately there was only a little bit of this... and a whole lot of crankiness.

a heartfelt thanks to Arlin's buddy Lucy for packing him extra snack treats for the car ride, they were yummy!

and seriously I MISS our neighbors already! This picture is a goody bag packed full of all the right essentials for us adults! Amy, Kenn- you guys rule, I'm really hoping you make your first upcoming family trip to the NW! My favorite snack btw, was the Perky Jerky- this was my first acquaintance, and I'll be researching asap on where to buy more! There were also adult beverages packed in this goodie grab bag for when we safely arrived to our hotel destinations- I CANNOT tell you how much these were needed when we landed the first night in Wyoming after making our way through a crazy 45 mph snow/wind was frightening, scared both Chad and I.

checking out of hotel number one, I don't even know the name of the hotel we stayed in I was so tired, but the bed was comfy and that's all that mattered...

the Larsen rig pulling out of Wyoming...Oh, we didn't even know what was in store for us on this day of travel...hmm, how bouta' a flat tire on the U-haul trailer, yah, that was super fun watching my poor husband try and fix it in the crazy cold 25mph 36 degree wind...a little/ a lot of vomiting from a car sick toddler...ugh, Sunday was a rough nine hour day of driving.

Utah...was pretty (till we had the barfing episode)

snug as a bug in...hotel # 2 downtown good ole' Boise Idaho

I spy water, it's a lake, and it's starting to look a lot like the North West! Yep, we just crossed the Oregon state line here entering the Pacific Northwest time zone. It was funny to see a truck stop with minimal civilization... then half a mile later the time zone changes and nothing but vacant land. To live or work there and have an hour time change only a mile away...could you never be late to work? or always late? or two seperate clocks set? one for work one for your house? weird....

I have a confession to make- the final stretch of travel, I must admit I was petrified of Arlin barfing again from car sickness, I was he's chief in command, and I made Papa pull over for more pits stops than previous days, hoping that stretching he's little legs and breathing some fresh air would help. We had 3 hours left to Seattle and nothing on the horizon other than Mickey D's with a play area...yes, I did indeed suffer myself some chicken pucks (at least I hope they were chicken) and fries for Arlin to have some play time in some little cow town. It worked, and he was a happy camper all the way to Seattle. Mama, on the other hand was clinching her seat as my tummy rumbled the rest of the way! Yuck, who eats that stuff? seriously??

I can't tell you the feeling driving the countdown, the last few miles to your destination, our new home....this is coming across Lake Washington...

our new neighborhood (at least for the next 3 mo.)...they call it First Hill...scratch that, they call it Central District!

17 yds. from our apt door...good? not good?.....oh, it's all good...I can hear the beans calling my name in the morning, swear, I can.

our apt building, we're the lucky ones in the penthouse apt. with the wrap around 800 sqft. rooftop balcony...

our view from the kitchen and entire living space. pretty sweet.

oh...a lot of you have been asking..."is it raining there?"

Nah, it hasn't rained yet since we've been here?!

This has been a whole new experience...hoo ray! 2010 year of the Tiger...rawr!

If I owe you an email, please be patient with me, I'm streaming the internet off Chad's phone to use my computer to type this blog- Oh, I've missed blogging! I'm hoping we get our internet connection up and running tomorrow!

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  • abby jane

    yey! you made it, didn’t look to painful! your apt looks pretty sick lady. can’t wait to hear more!

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