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Sketch for sanity...

Alki beach jogger journal page Journal Pages Running sketch

my little Italian guy...only nine months old in his silk suit from Sicily a gift brought back by Molly and Morgan.

Journal sketching with only an hour to start it during Arlin's nap time and a super crappy pencil with an eaten eraser tip (thank you Arlin) Ugh.. I've been itching to dig into my art supplies but figuring we're moving again this Saturday I prolly shouldn't. I took this picture when he was about nine months old- it was laminated and used to identify his cubby at Montessori school, I found it in my journal yesterday- my first journal sketch (not worth posting) read:

"for the LoVe of my SANITY...can you Pleeeeee-ase give me 5 minutes to mySELF!!!"

Whoa... I didn't realize what a routine we were jiving back in Denver and just how much I counted (yes,deeply depended) on my

Ah...lone time.

In the mornings when Arlin Jack was at Montessori school, that's when I got everything done, grocery shopping,misc. errands,crafting, sewing projects, and running-oh it's nice to run without a jogger- not to cry about how crappy the $20 jogger I bought off Craigslist is...o.k. let me tell you anyways...

After like 5 emails and two phone calls, I go all the way to pick up the jogger from this lady who somehow forgot to mention how ancient it is and that it doesn't even collapse! with half the back seats down it barely fit into my empty Jeep (which is huge)...and how about the blown out back tire, tube shredded to bits that cost me two trips to two different bike shops and why yes,another $20 bucks to fix. Then I finally get down at Alki Beach I go to put Arlin in the jogger to find two of the velcro straps that hold the seat to the frame are ripped (and not easily fixable) worried he's gonna fall through I smile and tell myself it'll be fine. Maybe half mile into my run I can't deal with the wonky wander/mind of it's own this thing has, seriously if I let the jogger glide a foot in front of me Arlin drifted right into the road of oncoming traffic, I think I got an upper body work out just trying to keep the jogger on the darn !running trail...looking around while running trying to see if I fix the problem I notice the front axel part that the wheel spins around on... is bent.....

seriously?! I have half the mind to email the lady who, pulled up in her fancy Range Rover and bragged to me about her fancy house in Laurelhurst- wherever that is!  And give her a piece of my mind for selling me this heap. She should have left it out by her trash with a" for free" sign.

I get it, I get it, I only paid $20 bucks, maybe I shouldn't be so hissy about the situation but for the little amount of money she gained- she sure created a not so pleasant ordeal for me. And you can't tell me she didn't know all probs. with the jogger I am always honest with people on Craigslist, and I really appreciate when people are honest in return.

Art, sketching, sewing, whatever I'm into on any given day, it really is my happy place that I go to in my head.  I've been a little edgy lately not being afforded my time to go there. But I know this time is transitional, I just gotta hang in there and be open to  enjoying other things around me.

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  • abby jane on

    at least your journaling! and blogging! i can’t imagine how hard it is to be so outta schedule. i had bought a crib off craigslist and dresser. they looked good but the screws that held the crib up were stripped and the drawers of the dresser were 1/2 broken! i had deleted all there info but i was bummed i waisted $200 and had to get new stuff. looking forward to hearing about the new place.

  • Pamaw on

    Great sketch! As for the jog stroller the karma train will pay her a visit…no worries.

  • Anjanette Groehler on

    I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed. I love your content.

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