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This is Paul Thiry. A famous architect. A remarkable architect I might say who pushed the envelope of modernism throughout his career. The hub and I read an article about his home in Normandy Park, it sits on beachfront's dilapidated, been vacant for years and is now for sale for $ONE U.S. dollar! Under one clause- upon sale you must move the entire constructed house to another ocean front property...If this home is not sold and moved by spring time it will be bulldozed and a new modern million dollar home will be built in it's place.

this is the home...about to be destroyed...wanna see the dated coolness inside? Click here. Oh, how I've day dreamed about what I'd do design wise inside if only it were ours! The party selling it have reputable movers by boat for hire already priced at $200k, and you can find waterfront properties for under $300k.....hmm. But then what would be the cost to install plumbing, etc.? Daydreaming is so much fun...

Another picture above...a lot of concrete, urban lines, stainless steel floating staircases...I'm sure it was the place to be in it's day- if only the walls could talk.

We attempted a little urban exploring this last weekend- desperate to get some pictures, see it in person, capture a little bit of our own history before it gets demolished. But all we got was a NO Trespassing! sign and again a car sick little boy! (yuk) Chad may make another attempt with Molly to explore accessing the home from the beach.

More of Thiry's works....

First National Bank

Nalley's Food

Our heads are spinning. Really, there's SO much exploring to do! We are really enjoying ourselves and know this move was the right thing to do, now just pray with us that our house back in Denver sells, so we can keep living the good life here! We've had over 29 showings...but no bites, well one...but in the end the couple just couldn't afford it.

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