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I'm insane are you?

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Bikram Yoga...

So my little cousin Molly convinced me I needed to try Bikram Yoga with her last night. And although I've always admired my Yogi friends and thought I'd one day give "Yoga" a whirl...I had no idea I was signing up for a plunge into the deep end head first, into the painful world of sweat tears. Omg, I can barely put the experience into words...

Bikram Yoga is a form of Yoga founded by Bikram Choudhury (an Indian Yoga guru) It's a series of 26 hatha yoga postures done twice for a total of 90 minutes in a heated studio. O.k. by heat they mean 40 Celsius, yep, that translates to 105-110 degrees!

The studio advises you to show up at least 20 minutes early so you can get your body acclimated to the heat, so I did. Molly and I walk into the studio, it's jam packed with bodies, this many people can fit in here? (it's too many) The only two spots left are in the far rear (exit-less) front row, right in front of the mirror...I'm thinking to myself; grrreat. what happens if I barf? front row? really, for my first time? hey check out that chick up there in the front...she's passed out on the floor!

Oh geez...kinda nervous right about now. It's not just warm in there, or even a little hot...I'm thinking these people are crazy, walking into the studio I felt like someone smacked me in the face with a frying pan, I'm starting to sweat and I'm not even moving yet! I'm just sitting on my towel covered yoga mat...trying to "focus" as the instructor is advising us to do before the session begins (Can I run out now!?)

The instructor turns off the fans, turns the lights up bright and the breathing technique begins...class is started whether I'm ready or not. I think I said a prayer, not sure. I can feel sweat rolling down my legs, dripping off my elbows smacking the towel beneath me- this is intense. But, I can do this.

As a first timer I experienced muscle trembling (I could barely get my left leg-knee to stand still-a bit frustrating) a little dizziness...yah, I had to lay down in the savasana position (above) a couple times to regain my composure- but to be honest the foul smell of the floor was prolly more intense for me to deal with it was easier to get back up and focus in holding these crazy poses! The smell was pretty foul. Just imagine 75 people dripping sweat on carpet- I don't even wanna know the bacteria count in that room.

I have mixed feelings about my Bikram Yoga experience. It was torturous, it hurt every muscle in my body (muscles this morning I didn't know existed are sore!) it stung my eyeballs with dripping sweat... and the smell, ugh-gross. But then again I like torturous workouts, I torture myself often, I love mind of matter conquering. I l-o-v-e fighting that inner voice, the "quitter" in me...I smoosh her like a bug every time and that feels pretty darn good. It's revitalizing...makes me feel alive and in control of my own body.

I felt drunk driving home after class, literally wiped out, my clothes and towel soaking wet wrapped into a ball on the floor- they stunk. bad. I felt like I detoxed for sure. After a long shower, it felt amazing to crawl into bed, I was out like a light.

Will I do it again??? I do have 10 classes free in the next two weeks. Hmmmmm.

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  • abby on

    bikram is my favorite! but there is hard wood floor at the studio i go to. . . carpet is traditional though for a bikram studio. i don’t get it really. i should have dragged you with me out here!

  • jenn on

    bikram is great… i say that after going once. but the carpet? no way, just no way.

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