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"proud as a peacock"...

doodling in my journal with watercolors this last week I started this peacock feather and wondered where the phrase "proud as a peacock" came from. So, I googled it and read that....Chaucer, an English writer and poet was said to first use the expression in his third story; "The Reeve's Tale", of Canterbury Tales...

"As any peacock he was proud and gay." [1200s].

I love google. I often find myself lost in google land on some random tangent of mine. But hey, I always seem to learn something new. Some other interesting facts I jotted down in my journal:

  • female Peacocks are really called "Peahens" and if speaking of both male and females you should refer to them as Peafowl.
  • Peacocks are the second largest wing span bird in the world
  • In Asia and most of the world peacocks are considered to bring "good luck" and symbolize "well being"
  • Peacock is known as the bird of '100 eyes' due to the patterning of the tail feathers. The 'eyes' became a favorite mythic metaphor- as all seeing witnesses to hidden transgressions. The concept even found it's way into religious belief as the symbol of beautific vision. In the ancient myths of Egypt, Greece and Rome the peacock feather was a symbol of the 'evil eye'...and even today in some parts of Europe it's considered suspicious and kept out of the home
  • Peafowl are great snake slayers, thought to be immune to snake bites, they are also omnivores
  • During the days of 'chivalry' to "swear on the peacock" was considered taking a solemn oath
  • A Peacock was often used as a symbolic signature by tailors in the 18th century generally to identify they were tailors of fine custom clothing
  • Peacocks and peacock feathers are popular tattoos in Asia and Far Eastern parts of the world; some interpret peacocks and their beautiful feathers as a symbol of "rebirth" or a change in life circumstances

O.k. enough about pretty feathers. I've been scrambling to get ready for Art Fest, a bit frustrated I'm having to re create the wheel as far as purchasing art supplies. I really had no idea what to pack and what to put into storage for our move. But it is what it is and I'm trying to make the best of it. Check out this new carving tool set I just scored this morning!

Pretty excited about this Japanese set. They were half the price of the one on my list to buy and I would have never known about it if the guys at Daniel Smith's weren't SO darn nice and helpful! They also had Arches watercolor paper (22x30 140#CP) for $4.65 per sheet....I marched right back to Northwest Art & Frame where I paid $8.00 per sheet and got my money back...I don't normally return things, but I can't stomach nearly a double mark up, that's just ridiculous in my book.

I ordered a lot of things from good ol' faithful Dick Blick (including a package of Peacock feathers!) I sure hope it all gets here in time for my journey to Art Fest, I'm starting to get excited. I'm still on the hunt for a 9 x 9 x 2 1/4" stretched canvas haven't had any luck as of yet...

P.S. Yes, my nose is broken, but there's nothing to be done at this point. Is it crooked? Yah a little, it's noticeable to me- & to Chad. But 'prolly not crooked enough to justify it being re-set (ouch) It still hurts pretty bad, the discoloring seems to have stopped which is good news... it was fun smearing Arnica all over my face this weekend and joking with Chad that he bruised me up pretty good!

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