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Artfest in a nutshell...

Woo Hoo! 1st year down! Artfest 2010 in Port Townsend...O.k. this is a winded/picturesque blog...and I have tons more pictures but have to do some resizing to upload here's some shots from my i-phone!

Artfest was simply amazing! I can't really put it into words just how cool of an experience it was. I met some of the most amazing gals, so generous, diverse, and easy to talk to... and geez, SO talented all in their own ways!

I was lucky to finally meet my "blog buddy" Michelle Allen, in person, not only as one of my workshop teachers but as my Artfest roommate... after following her blog and taping into her for running inspiration for over a year...she's just like I thought she'd be (prolly even cooler:) thank you Michelle for introducing me to Artfest!)

From the left; Michelle Allen-Allen Designs, Leigh Standley- Curly Girl Designs, Janne Robberstad-SpindleMaker, and me saying farewell to Fort Worden after an amazing four days of art, late night journaling, red wine, new friends and lots of laughing (ha.Lacy!)

I finally finished my trades (yep, the morning I left for Artfest!) here are some pictures I snapped on the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island...

oodles of fabric flower pins! I think I managed to make 56 of these gems.yah they were time consuming for sure, but like free therapy work and totally worth seeing gals excited over em'

if you're reading this post, and you didn't get a flower pin from me and still wanna trade thru the snail mail, just leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you!

I made about 50 of these too! I call em' journal charms- but you can really use them however you like. There just alpha letters (from the kids craft section of Michaels' Craft store strung on jewelry wire)

Oh and I played around with some fima clay and hand painted some buttons too. It's super easy medium to work with and I'm already wondering what 3 dimensional characters I'll craft up.

O.k. Class recap...

Day 1 Workshop: Karen Michel's "Prayer Flags"

Of course I didn't finish my prayer flag as a whole, but I did enjoy myself and table mate Amy from Denver (hi!) Here are a few shots of mine in the process...

Day 2: Michelle Allen's "Getcha Paint On"

fun...until my mini melt down, hey it happens right?! I felt a little build up that I hadn't finished my prayer flags the day before and really wanted to come home with something "done" but after a pep talk from Michelle (total sweetheart) and a few genius painting/shading tips I spent a few more hours painting, and got it to this stage...I still wanna add some details to the sides of the canvas...

hand made robot stamp

Michelle taught us a tube of caulking is not just for your house remodeling projects cool is this idea! She also taught us how to carve our own art out of rubber to make our own custom stamps! fun,fun,fun.

Day 3: Alex Shur's "Cast of Characters"

This class truly touched me. (I teared up, but in a good way) I thought Alex was an intriguing artist and a patient teacher. Alex's method: is placing watercolor on four sheets of cold press water color paper in a free spirited manner, then coming back and identifying the characters with pencil that you see. Typically the images you see come to life through your pencil sketching are characters you have inside you for one reason or another, whether you've drawn them before or you think of them often. I SO needed this class to break out of my funk- I swear I've stared at my empty journal since we moved- afraid of who knows what!

I have these characters inside's just time to give them a voice and bring them to life on paper! I can't wait to finish these pieces...

on the left, an old skeleton man wearing a cloak of some sort, one purple pant leg and one turquoise, with a small bear like animal at his foot...and behind him a cast of faces beginning at the top a woman with an afro- turn a quarter up to the right and you see a young girls face with long hair flipped up, out of her chin comes the front bangs of a teenage boy looking at a black woman...which then turns into a blonde headed girl wearing a green hooded sweatshirt. And near the bottom of the page is the head of a japanese looking girl with a bee like insect body (cut off in the picture)

do you see it all??? cool eh?!

my Luchador Mask man....(maybe because I just sent Kiko two postcards from Milagros folkart at Pikes Place??!!!)

birds with fish in the belly...

my parakeet rooster

and my sad clown guy.

I feel full. So much to say about all of what artfest gave me. I think I got home and verbally vomited on my poor Mom and husband....but they totally got it. I think. I just have to have ART in my life, I wish everyone could go to Artfest and experience what I felt for four days. I learned a lot about myself and being a part of an artist community...the people that make this world so colorful.......thank you Teesha and everybody at Artfest! See you next year!


  • Reyna Gallow

    Hello there, I am glad that I ran into your site. I will bookmark this page and am anxiously looking forward to reading some of your future posts. Thanks and God bless.

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  • Karen

    Hi Tyler – I like your blog (maybe I WILL start one) and it was great meeting you at Artfest. What a blast! I like your new journal pages.

    Karen (from Portland)

  • Lux Wu

    Karen! Oh…SO glad you reached out! After teasing you and your sister about starting a blog (and) a journal :) I realized as I was leaving Artfest I had no way to pester you! I’ll be looking for your blog asap!…as we need a more colorful way to communicate till we meet again next year at Artfest 2011! xo Tyler

  • jenn

    Love the idea of Artfest. And love your flowers? Have any left? Or care to share how to make them? beautiful….

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