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easter and doodling...

acrylic paint artfest 2010 creative journal page dinosaur Easter easter basket Family & Friends french bulldog Journal Pages painting tilly and the wall

A journal page coming to life...

dinousaur journal page 01

phase 1; laying down color (acrylic mixed with a medium to thin it) mod-podging Arlin Jack's mug shot in.

phase 2; brainstorming all the characters I could turn Arlin into! As he's obsession for Dinosaurs seems to be growing (still) my pencil went to town creating this little monster.

dinosaur journal 02

phase 3; what would my little blue dinosaur be saying...or rather be singing to me?!

&  then I started humming this tune in my head ('cause it's often a melody on repeat round here!)

[youtube rvNCmb9a6Qc]

dinosaur journal page

"d" is for Dinosaur! Can you sing it with me?!

a work in progress (lettering and background have a ways to go)...but I now laugh every time I open my journal...which a lot of you art-festers would be so proud of me- I have about 6 or 7 pages in the works! Yipee, I no longer sit with an intimidating...all white journal in front me, I attribute cracking out of my art funk shell to attending Artfest and being inspired by all of you lovely ladies. I've been spinning ever since I got home, feeling alive wanting to...create, create, create!!!

easter 2010 Our first Easter in Seattle is here!

arlin easterremember when jumping on bubble wrap was so much fun!?

Easter 2010

....luckily Arlin Jack gets an Easter basket from grandpa Tom and Shelly in California-thank you! (I'm SO bad- I'm doin' the whole Easter egg hunt thing, but totally snoozed on prepping a year I promise to have my ears and tail in order!

easter 2010

do you see the horns!? no?... yah they're there... straight to the goodies!! "Nom Nom!" as Arlin says.

otis easter

Otis waited anxiously for some animal cookie crumbs to hit the floor...but got no love.

Happy Easter!!!

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  • abby jane on

    good stuff!

  • Spindelmaker on

    I don´t know if this was Arlin Jack´s first egg-hunt, but it sure was my first time, and it was FUN! Even more fun than bubble-wrap :-) Your journal-page is adorable, and I am so glad you got over your white-page-fear! That fear can be totally annoying! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity-in-action.

  • lacy on

    OH muh gawd your journal page is so adorable! Umm I still love bubble wrap! Happy Easter!

  • Shelly Massey on

    CUTER THAN CUTE journal page (do you think we can feed off this Artfest vibe until next year’s Artfest?!), and the Easter photos are so sweet! I threw together Harper’s basket while she napped. Good thing she doesn’t know how this works yet. :)

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