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Silliness 4.2...

Carla Sonheim exercise 4.2 Journal Pages Misc. Creations! silliness workshop workshops

Silly 4

Yah, I work backwards some times. I've been playing catch up with Carla's online class, I don't know if it's my total a.d.d or the pure excitement to dabble with every exercise at the same time! The above is "Mrs. Squeen"...a Squid you were wondering. Mrs. Squeen lives in the sea, eats yummy seaweed and chats with her dear friend Sally the Seashell...

Actually, "Squeen" is a "fleep" word created by Carla, a word from our vocab lab...a "fleep" word is not real nor does it really have to make sense, hence being silly... in other words make up your own words and dictionary meanings, which for me is so fun to play around with because my 2 yr. old son, (Arlin Jack) happens to be a total chatter box making up his own words ALL day husband and I joke he speaks Jack-O-nese (not Japanese) everything he says is one-big-l-o-n-g word!

At times I easily forget how fun doodling can be, the above exercise began as a grid to draw different eyes in two boxes, then a nose, an ear, and a mouth, then a free box on the bottom (seaweed in my case) on the far right was the result from a connect the dots Carla had drawn on the worksheet. I never imagined it to be a face in the end, oops... I started drawing with only each individual box in mind...the fun part in the end I think was day dreaming what "squeen" could mean and what character was gonna come to life.

silly tuesday to you.

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  • michelle allen on

    love this and the colors! what a fun class. i thought about it but figured at this time it might put me over the edge of sanity! but your pics are killing me that i can’t join in on the “silliness”! good job for pushing yourself :)

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