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quite the pair...

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silly 4.10-extra credit

Still feeling silly? Yes, but also a little under the weather too. Ugh, the challenges of having a kiddie get sick, then they get you sick. Boo hoo.

don't ask. An Ostrich pair of scissors dancing with Cheech (or is it Chong?) the mop. The instructions read; Draw these four things; your made bed, a mop or a broom, a pair of scissors and a washer machine. Pick an edge of an item and start drawing, looking at your reference more than your paper.

What can I say, I didn't feel like making my bed so I only drew the edge where the blankets "implied" the bed was made and the rest, wrll, I wish I had a grandiose story to tell you about how this pair of scissors grew into an ostrich...but I don't. sorry.

The XX's you ask? I can say I was at their first headliner show in Seattle, cause these kids are gonna make big things happen. And to my sweet delight, Nosaj Things hit the stage first, he was pretty darn entertaining, then JJ did a four or five song opener...and her voice is something else. (reminded me a little of Mazzy Star)

I got some not so great shots with my i-phone..but here ya go...we had great spots up close

Romy on the left and Jamie in back center...

Oliver as the show started...

O.k. nite-nite...I'm off to slurp some more cough syrup.

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  • spindelmaker on

    I think your ostrich is absolutely delightful! Hope you´re feeling better :-)

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