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silly 4.1-babylux

days are stacking...

I mean really stacking...I'm trying my best to stay positive about our house in Denver selling...sooner than later would be nice.

Today, here in Seattle it was 64 degrees outside, sunny...and absolutely beautiful down by the water...I wanted a pair of shorts and some flip-flops, it was then it dawned on me, I have no clothes for the upcoming summer time, yep, everything is in storage pod floating somewhere between here and Denver.

Chad and I took a chance on this move because we knew in our heart it was the right thing to do, and yes, we planned for being in this limbo situation...well the best we could anyways. But actually going through the motions is a whole 'nother ball game. Our storage pods want to increase the rental fees, and the kicker is, we don't even know if the furniture we left to stage the house is even gonna fit in a house we'd buy out here. So, do we ship the pods to where we're renting now...No way jose, I'm not un-packing em' and re packing em' to move again in a few months. Oh and add house hunting into the mix on top of all this. I'm not a window shopper, never have been, so to be touring homes here is just hard for me, I don't want get my hopes up on anything until the house sells. Geez this is a process and although I knew from a logistic stand point it would be, I never knew how mentally and emotionally draining it would be on all of us. I'm so lonely without my studio surroundings I could cry (o.k. I'll admit, I sometimes do) It's normal right? To feel a little misplaced at times? Ugh, and I miss my friends and our neighbors! nobody bakes bread and leaves us treats on our doorstep here :(

O.k. I'm alright, we're alright...we'll be fine in no time...good thoughts, happy thoughts. Everybody say a prayer for us, please.

thanks, I feel better now....I do.

O.k. goodnight.

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  • Amy on

    Hey girl. I have a half loaf of bread sitting on my kitchen counter getting stale…I miss being able to give it to you!!! It still hasnt’ really hit me that you guys are GONE for good. I keep thinking you’ll be back from vacation soon…. sure miss you. I’d love to hear all of Arlin’s new words and Lucy would love to share more snacks with him ;-)
    Anyway, just saying “hi” and want you to know that you are missed.

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  • shelly massey on

    We were almost exactly in your situation in 2008. I have to admit that I lost it a couple of times. We put our house on the market when I was 9 months pregnant and then left everything to move to Ohio for Doug’s job. Lived with in laws who made it as comfy as they could, but it was so hard. I put a ban on all house speculating/looking because I just couldn’t handle getting my hopes up. It all worked out in the end, and I am sure it will for you too. Hang in there!!!

  • abby jane on

    i can’t really imagine the stress of moving with palmer let alone having all the extra stress. . . give me a call anytime you need to vent lady! we miss you much too! very very much!

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