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Arlin's doodle book...

So, eating dinner the other night, Arlin Jack had Chad and I almost on the floor laughing. He loves "shh-Aw-ce" (that's what he calls it) ...Jack-o-nese translation= Sauce, and it can be any kind of sauce, hot sauce, marinara sauce, ranch, well you get the picture...he'll dislike the food on his plate, but hey, break out some sauce and he goes from the 10lb. lower lip to "Nom,nom,!" all smiles as he devours his food. He is such a funny kid.

And his vocab!..daily it's a handful of new words and he'll use the words in the right context which is just thrilling as parents to watch happen. So, anyways it was this "saucy" dinner that made me think about his rapid growth lately, and how I don't want to forget it...

After all he is a limited edition (sorry Mom)

I did the whole baby book thing, but it just seemed mundane and routine. I thought why not make Arlin Jack his own Journal! We can call it...Arlin Jack's doodle book. A place for me to journal about funny "saucy stories" or places we go, the many things we see, we can even open the book to our friends and family and have them share a story or two about Arlin, maybe something or somewhere they went with him. Won't this be a cool keepsake for us to give him later in life!?

A letter glued into the inside flap of the book (soon to be collaged around)


and the doodle book break entry from the first picture I blindly dug out of my Arlin stash...


"a day exploring fire trucks"...

Denver Children's Museum, summertime 2009.

I'm excited to have started this book for Arlin, and I know it's something Chad will do with me (unlike a baby book :))

Happy Tuesday to you.



  • savvymenow

    I love this idea!!!!! I am also stealing it. Mine is 4 … DARN i missed out a ton!

  • Jillian Lauren

    I love this idea. I’m stealing it!

  • jenn

    What a great idea!! I’m off to get a blank journal for my little one as well! Thanks.

  • Titanium Earrings :

    my first baby book is a photobook for developing kids and this is a great baby book for beginners ""

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