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Salmon release...

Arlin Jack's preschool had a field trip this morning to Fauntleroy Park's creek for a Salmon release. The tots got to hold the fish while they were still in the net and experience them wiggle's funny how boys can squeal like little girls when they get excited.



Arlin found a slug...he didn't wanna let go of it...ew.


"look Mama, slu-guh!"


Arlin and his pal Trevor looking for the Salmon they released.


The field trip was fun, Fauntleroy park is really green, felt like I was walking through a postcard. Arlin thought it was pretty neat to see the fish, although he didn't quite master the proper Salmon release technique...Judy Pickens, led the field trip, instructing the tots: to hold one hand over the cup, stand on the rock platform next to Mrs. Renee, then carefully lean over placing your cup into the water then gently move your hand and free the Salmon.

Arlin on his turn grabbed the cup one handed, turned half way around (never making it to the rock) and flung his fish 3 ft into the air, watching them belly flop into the creek. Sadly, quite a few tots followed Arlin's lead on his release method...poor fishies.

Happy hump day.


  • Erin Leigh

    So fun! and look those cute boots (you + him). gorgeous pictures, Tyler.

  • Arlin's Mimi

    How darn cute is he??? I better get out my knitting needles again and knit a bigger size for next year.

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